Dishlicker Coats Greyhound Coats and Products.

Quality greyhound coats and accessories at affordable prices.

           Dishlicker Coats.      Greyhound Coats Custom Made For You...

Dishlicker coats all began with a friend asking me to make her a waterproof coat for her greyhound, as she could not find a suitable waterproof coat at an affordable price.

I took a pattern and made my 1st waterproof greyhound coat, I added embroidery to her coat for that personal touch. She was so pleased with the end product word soon spread.

My range of products is always growing by demand,

Here at dishlicker coats I offer a wide range of greyhound coats and accessories.

All made for your special friend,


All at affordable prices.


We are proud to announce that we are now working with GAP Vic.

All greyhounds will be adopted with one of our kennel coats,


Our products can also be found at my Ebay Shop.


Our Product Range Includes,


Waterproof & Kennel Coats,

Custom Embroidered Coats,

Satin Presentation Coats,

Waterproof,  Kennel, & Hessian Mats,

Teasers, Muzzles, Yard & Leather Collar and Leads sets.